Design, Quality and Fee Policies

AWA Project [ Capital One201-3rd st, SF ]

General Design Quality

All our project and design engineers have more than 25 years of experience. Project Engineer familiar with similar buildings is assigned to a project.  AWA Principal personally reviews all the design work. Thorough field verification is performed at the onset of the design.  MEP Design is tailored to suit the needs of the project.

Technical Quality

AWA Principal reviews the design and the associated calculations.  Very stringent in-house quality control review is performed by the Principal as well as by a design engineer not directly involved with the design.  Building Systems and their interface/compatibility with tenant systems is checked.  Some of the other items that are checked are as follows:

Schedule Adherence

We always meet our deadlines.  We work with the Architect and Owner’s representatives and request all the pertinent and coordination information in a timely manner.

  • Airflow to each room
  • Supplemental cooling distribution
  • Duct routing in congested areas
  • Return air path
  • Title 24 calcs
  • Lighting zoning
  • Power distribution calcs
  • Power circuitry

Fee Management

Once the fixed fee is agreed upon, without counting the hours, we provide full support to the project irrespective of the time spent, even if that means spending additional hours than originally anticipated.  We only request Extra Services/Change Order if the change is owner driven and occurs after the completion of design and is mutually agreed upon.

Construction Costs

We review the construction budget upfront and design our system accordingly. We continue to evaluate and keep a check on the quality so that important features are not compromised. If due to budget constraints, some compromises are made, we inform the owner and provide pros and cons of the items/decisions at hand in order to help owner make an educated decision.

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We work with the Architect and Owner’s representative and request all the pertinent and coordination information in a timely manner.

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