Core Principles

Having been founded by an engineer who has worked with major Architects and Building Owners on landmark projects within San Francisco and the Bay Area, our company is firmly grounded in sound engineering practices.

Believing in the concept that time is of essence, we promise quick response time, which includes striving to stay ahead of deadlines, responding to calls, e-mails, queries and additional information requests as quickly as possible.

Recognizing that every client, every building and every project is unique and therefore requires special and highly specific design, approach and attention, we guarantee effective and individually tailored solutions. Acknowledging that the completion of a project includes visualization, design and construction, we offer project support from conception to execution including Commissioning services.

Our Commissioning Agents (CA) have over 15 years of field experience, are well trained and have complete knowledge of the functioning of all the different kinds of Mechanical/Electrical equipment.

Understanding well that the final purpose of a building is to provide a comfortable and healthy environment, we offer complete support during post-occupancy fine-tuning of the project.Knowing well and fully accepting that a healthy environment and conservation of resources are not simply desirable goals, they are in fact our responsibility, we propose to build systems that are energy efficient and therefore beneficial to the building owners, the community and society at large.

Vision for the Future

An earnest desire and a strong sense of commitment towards sound and effective engineering are the hallmarks of AWA. We would like to continue building on this tradition by offering our exceptional design services and making the San Francisco Bay Area buildings healthy and comfortable places to work in.

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We work with the Architect and Owner’s representative and request all the pertinent and coordination information in a timely manner.

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